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Why Choose A Remnant?

What Are Carpet Remnants?

Carpet remnants or off cuts are perhaps better described as "roll ends". Manufacturers typically produce and hold their carpet lines in large rolls of 30m or more, and once they have made a number of sales ("cuts") from the roll it leaves a balance that is often too small to carpet a full house but too large to simply throw away. We purchase these roll ends from the manufacturer at a discount and store them in our warehouse, allowing us to offer them to customers at bargain prices.

A selection of carpet remnants in our warehouse
All our carpet off cuts are perfect quality and room-sized

Perfect Quality

There's a misconception that carpet remnants are second-hand or of poorer quality, which couldn't be further from the truth. We don't sell damaged remnants or "seconds" - all our off cuts are as new and ideal for renovating a room on a budget. With up to 90% Off RRP, you can secure a high-quality, luxury carpet that will transform your living space and is built to last.

Environmentally Conscious

By storing and selling carpet remnants, it means less waste and fewer carpets being sent to landfill. We use off cuts to provide customers with bargain, room-sized carpets and made-to-measure rugs, making it a sustainable choice for those that care about the environment.

Carpet roll ends are an environmentally conscious option

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Alternative Flooring Carpet Remnants

Alternative Flooring

For those wanting a modern, creative aesthetic and natural feel

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Crucial Trading Carpet Remnants

Crucial Trading

Contemporary carpets featuring beautiful textures, weaves and designs

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ITC Natural Luxury Flooring Remnants

ITC Natural Luxury Flooring

Beautiful hand-woven carpets made using the finest materials from across the globe

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Kersaint Cobb Carpet Remnants

Kersaint Cobb

Pride themselves on offering something for everyone, from traditional to contemporary

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Manx Tomkinson Remnants

Manx Tomkinson

Quality wool and synthetic carpets that offer superb value for money

Manx Tomkinson Remnants
Westex Carpet Remnants


Specialising in durable and resilient wool-mix and 100% wool carpets